A welcoming home studio for those interested in a comfortable, affordable and flexible recording environment.

What really sets Old Oak Studio apart is that this is a passion, not a way for me to earn a living.

This means I can offer affordable rates and focus on making sure up and coming artists can be heard without breaking the bank. I ensure artists have a say in the production and mixing process; this means artists end up with songs that sound and feel the way they had imagined.

Where some studios want to rush you through or make you sound the way they want you to sound, I aim to capture the music you want to make. This being said, every recording engineer imparts their own fingerprint on every project they work on, as will I, but know that if you record at Old Oak Studio, you will be involved in all parts of the process.

A music producer assists an artist with their recording project, bringing their vision to fruition and guiding their sound along the way. Being a music producer is in many ways a strange job. What a producer creates can’t be seen. What a producer creates is not even an object. If you zoom all the way out, what a music producer does is this: vibrate air molecules in such a way that when the air molecules bump up against a human life form, that life form feels something.

– Berklee School of Music

I believe that the best approach to recording is to capture what the artist is playing, and specifically, the way you hear it in a great sounding room. Despite being a slower process than amp simulation plugins, effects, software instruments & heavy post-process editing, I stand by my belief in this and I know you will be pleased with the results. I always aim to start with the best possible sound in the recording process.

The recording environment at Old Oak Studio is flexible with the ability to have the full studio experience, complete with a separate control room and talkback microphone or if you feel you need more coaching, I can set up directly in the tracking room with you and do more of a ‘live’ session and walk you through the process.

So what’s the catch?

My availability is more restricted and my turnaround time can be slower than full-time studios, but if you are flexible with when you hope to get into the studio and with your timeline to publish your music, then there really isn’t a catch at all.